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Ultra High Efficiency Halbach Motors (UHEHM1 Series)

Invented by Klaus Halbach in the 1980s at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the Halbach array is a unique arrangement of permanent magnets that augments the magnetic field on one side of the array and cancels the field on the other side of the array.  The result is a series of novel “ironless” electric permanent-magnet motor/generators designs using the Halbach array with high power density, high specific power, and low losses—even at high speeds. 

These motor designs leverage a passive cooling method in conjunction with a proprietary magnetic construction based on a Halbach array that results in a very light, very compact motor assembly with very smooth commutation and unmatched efficiency and smoothness of motion. They are especially suitable for weight- and volume-sensitive applications such as UAV propulsion and mobile hybrid electric generator motors.

Top Flight Technologies, with our partner IIMANII™, is proud to offer an initial product line of Ultra High Efficiency Halbach Motors (UHEHM1™ series) that includes motors sized for 2-10 kW with the ability to scale to 100+ kW of continuous power operation, with smaller and larger models available upon request.  

Figure 1: Halbach Array Alignment of Permanent Magnet 

Figure 2: The Flux Diagram of a Halbach Array


Figure 3: Top Flight 10 kW Halbach UHEHM1 Motor

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