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Media Information - Airborg H8 10K

Top Flight Airborg™ H8 10K Commonly Asked Facts

Physical characteristics on the Airborg™ H8 10K:
Dry Weight (no fuel, no payload) - 33 kg
Fuel Capacity - up to 19L (~ 5 US Gal) - refuel and go; no battery recharging
Size - 70 cm high x 180 cm wide x 220 cm long
Size (arms removed for shipping/storage) - 70 cm high x 70 cm wide x 90 cm long

Payload and Endurance:
4 kg payload - over 2 hours flight time
10 kg payload - over 1 hour flight time
Top Speed - 55 km/hr (34 mph)
Capable of Manual, Semi-Autonomous, Full Autonomous Flight
Available 10kw onboard power for accessories, computing, datacom

Mission Planning Software System for Autonomous and Safety Programming

Simulation Software System to test Missions and object avoidance in uploaded 3-D terrain or urban cities models, including planning on-board sensor field-of-vision and accuracy. Upload and go.


Top Flight Technologies & Airborg™ H8 10K & Simulation Environment Documents & Videos

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High-Resolution Airborg™ H8 10K Photos (click on photo for low-res, link for high-res)

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