True Serial Hybrid Power Integration

Top Flight is the first company to successfully demonstrate true serial hybrid power integration into multi-rotors at industry disruptive price points. The Top Flight Hybrid Propulsion Engine™ has a demonstrated world record of 2.5+ hours with 1 gallon of gasoline and removes numerous challenges for UAV business uses.

8 Times the Capacity of a LIPo Battery used in 95% of All UAVs Today.

A World Record of 2+ hr of Flight Time....On a Single Gallon of Gasoline

Application-specific Solutions

Working with Top Flight application specialists and partners our open-framework hardware and software platform can be fast-adapted to:

  • Inspect and collect information in remote hard to reach locations with varying degrees of automation, from remotely piloted to full-scale autopilot operation.
  • Address specific applications for large UAVs for extended payload, range (100+ miles), and endurance (gusts of 35mph), using the same open-platform framework. 
  • Utilize any combination of optional features such as real-time multi-spectral imaging, long range communications, remote sensing, GPS tagging, 4G network communications, auto-finder, object tracking, information storage and battery solutions that are optimized for a specific application.


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