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The Top Flight Technologies product team joins aerial data collection and analysis partner DataWing Global introducing the extended flight, enhanced payload Airborg(R) 10K H8 at the Energy Drone Coalition in Houston, Texas. Nothing is better than being able to see this commercial hybrid-electric powered UAV close-up. No batteries to charge. 4kg payload up to 2 hour missions. 10kg payload up to 1 hour missions. 1,000+ watts of continuous excess power for datacoms or other power hungry sensors. The modularity and scalabilty of the Airborg creates a new powerful tool for a wide range of industry-specific applications. Airborgs preconfigured for inspection and/or cargo-transport available mission-ready in 60-days from order. The companion Top Flight Simulation & Fleet Management System product accelerates pilot training in simulation, is a sensor field-of-vision planning tool, allows testing of BVLOS missions, allows real-time remote control operations of multiple-UAV including monitoring/fail-safes backup missions.  DataWing Global helps companies integrate aerial data into routine operations with expertise in Oil & Gas, Insurance, Telecom, Construction, Emergency Response and UAV Training and Program Management.

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